Library Rules

Ther is enough No of books available related to every subject in college.Besides it there is an arrangement of old and ancient Vedas,Novels,Epitome and Magzine.College always tries to make it better and it will be a digital liabrary in near future.

  • Every Student can get two books at one time from library.
  • The resposibility of saftey and to return the book on time is reciver.
  • Books from the library can be used for 7days maxmium. After it rs. 1 per day and per book will be charged. After thirty days from issuing of books late charges and price of books will have to deposit.
  • Books more than rs. 5000, epics and magazines will be available only in college library. These materials will not be allowed to let them bring at home.
  • keep studial enviornment in the library. Anyone who hampers the study will be expelled.
  • Study material in college is only for college students and teachers.
  • Books will be returned to the college library before 7 days of examination, otherwise student will not be allowed to final examination.
  • Rs. 50 is fine for issuing another library card.
  • Books will not be issued from college library in the name of college employee. Don't pledge for that.