Student Welfare Fund

Rs.3 will be collected from each student per year as a student welfare fund student help committee recomends to principal for deserving and poor candidates to provide Economics help,Book help and Other help.

Student welfare Council

One of the teachers directs the student welfare council of college it helps and guides the student's difficulties and it tries to maintain a mutual understanding between student and teachers of the college.

Subject Council

Every subject council is constituted for the talent of student's creativity.One teacher of a subject will work as a director for subjects council. Remaining position will be occupied by student as a president ,vice president ,minister,sub minister and fund minister.these council will organise social cultural and creative programmes each year. each student will have hight to participate in these programmes organised by committee.At the end of the session sucessful candidates will be awarded.Regarding this students may counsult from their teachers and program organisers.