General Rules For Admission


  • No student will be allowed to study in the college more than three years as a regular student in graduation.
  • If it comes to know that any student is indulged in any crimal activities will be permitted to get admission.
  • College principle will have full signt to take or not to take admission of any student.
  • Those student will not be given admission who have been found using unfairmens in last examination.
  • Those student who are failed in university exams will be considered as ex-student in the same class.
  • Poster & stikers are fully probhited in college campus. they can be susficated from college.

Condition For Admission

  • Student who have scored at least 50% makes in Intermediate will be given admission.
  • Prefrence will be given to those students who have pased high school in 2008 intermedate in 2010
  • Students are required to show identity card to the Library that they are given Library card.
  • Such students who have gap in their passive year in 10th &12th ,will be considered by committee.
  • Applicants who have certificate in state and national sports will be given 2% seleaction in marks.
  • Handicapped students will be given 5% seleaction in their marks ,if they present relevent certificate of Physical challange.
  • Those students who finds guilty of voilence indiscipline vendalism and immorality with teachers and employees will be rusticated from college.
  • Those students who faild to deposit their fee their list will be seul to university and their result will not be shown .Student will be liable for this.
  • If adminstration or university amends in fee structure,Students will have to pay amended fee.
  • Fee will not be refunded in any condition if it has been deposited once for admission.