About Us

Dear Applicant,

I am very glad that your are willing to take admission in this college for being a good and responsible citizen of country. Actually the objective of education is not only to impart information but also to build a character of responsible citizen. Education is only medium to make a good character. Without responsible citizen, there is no possibility of making progress.

Being a student you should understand the college as a educational temple with the objective to build a good impression on society. The sacredity of this temple is along with you. The mentors of the college are guidence to you and always with you in difficult times

This is the 8th Year of establishment . We always expect this college to be on progressive road. We will that other Subjects to be included at Graduation Level from next session. In today's scenario technical education is the backbone of a developing nation

We will also by to get the college recognized by commercial education so that the opportunities of employment may be available/capital/money is essential need for full fledqed development of college. So resourseful people for are requested to donate willingly for the college .So that it may progress and contribute for the development of nation. from the point of productive improvement in education,college organises various meetings,debate, group discussion etc. and student's queries,doubts , difficulties are resolved by tutorial medium. .

Comittees are also enlighted on time so that they can judge the student and make the student willing for education and cheating and coping situation is eradicated from education college . I would like to address all student that they should be aware of attandance below 75% will be deprived of examination. for Scholarship also relevent attandance is compulsory. There is a great need to embibe the ideas of MAHATMA GANDHI and DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA. this college does not provide only education but also provides sports and other virtues also available .

With Blessing

this College provides B.A BSc become education in clean environment from education session-2005-6 B.ed class has been started.and here next session post graduate classes will be started.

College building

splender building is established at in front of kalyanpur station.near G.T road,with peaceful environment.